Multifunctional Mat

The multifunctional floor mat can be used indoors and outdoors for diverse applications. 
The rubber mat can be used as everyday floor protection to safeguard against stains and scratches and as floor covering for insulation, soundproofing and shock absorption purposes. It is ideal when performing various maintenance jobs. It is a solid anti-slip mat that offers extra safety against slipping.
Thanks to its fire retardant properties the mat can resist high temperatures and can therefore be used underneath a fryer or barbecue or in front of the hearth.





No more liquid stains from water, fat, oil, food remains or water spots, etc.


It is ideal for use underneath the barbecue, in front of the hearth, underneath the fryer, etc.


- Soundproofing, insulating and shock absorbing

- Prevents scratches or scrapes from scraping, dragging or moving


Prevents slipping and provides extra safety


- Easy to roll up and store away

- Easy to clean with a garden hose and soapy water

- Thin and flexible: can be cut to the required size with a scissors or knife

- Ecological, made from recycled materials

- Ergonomic, excellent walking comfort


Depending on the chosen model: 90% recycled rubber + 10% felt OR 90% felt + 10% PU film


The multifunctional mats are available in various dimensions and colours. Contact us for more information.




1. Under the bicycle, motorbike or car


Ideal for minor maintenance jobs to protect the floor from stains and scratches from mud, grease and oil.


2. Maintenance jobs - DIY - tinkering mat


Do you have a maintenance job to perform in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or garden? Are you tinkering on a project for school or as a hobby? Thanks to the impermeable and easy to clean film this mat conquers oil, water, mud, adhesive, paint and modelling clay etc. Finished your job? Simply clean the mat with soapy water, dry it and roll it up again.


3. Use the mat under a flowerpot.


Avoid scratches, rust stains and water spots from flowerpots. It is easy to cut to size with a utility knife.


4. Use the mat underneath the fryer


You can finally fry chips safely! No more need for cardboard, paper, blankets, etc. Use this sustainable, fire retardant, impermeable and anti-slip fryer mat. No more brown marks from heat and hot oil. It’s easy to clean with soapy water and is reusable.


5. Use the mat underneath an umbrella, parasol stand


No more scratches or rust stains on your beautiful floor or terrace. It is easy to cut to size with a utility knife.


6. Use the mat underneath the barbecue


Ultimate protection for your stone or wooden, terrace or floor, against stains from fat, oil and food remains. In a nutshell, almost anything that could fall on the floor during a barbecue will be caught by this unique floor protection mat.


7. Use the mat in the garden


Protects your knees against gravel, mud, earth and pests. It also offers a handy spot on which to place your tools so you can easily locate them.


8. Use the mat in the kitchen in front of the stove.


Convenient anti-slip mat, absorbs splashes and food remains from cooking. No more slippery, greasy floors.


9. Use the mat underneath the lawnmower


Absorbs oil and grease. No more rust stains or scratches.


10. Use the mat in front of the hearth


Protects your beautiful wooden, stone, linoleum or cork floor, etc. or carpet from glowing sparks from the cosy fireplace. No more burn marks!


11. Use the mat underneath the Christmas tree


Protects your floor from scratches from the wooden, plastic or iron support. The mat absorbs water, eliminating the risk of water spots.

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Multifunctional Mat

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