Barbecue mat

Surprise your guests with this fun, handy barbecue mat from Fierta®.

The barbecue mats from Fierta® will protect your terrace, balcony or floor against grease stains, oil stains and other stains caused by food remnants while barbecuing. Rust stains on the terrace from the barbecue will also be a thing of the past. Made from cardboard, plastic, felt and carpet and other materials, the barbecue mat is nice and trendy and it will provide your terrace or floor the best possible protection. The barbecue mat consists of an absorbent fabric with a waterproof, non-slip layer. Since the BBQ mat is waterproof, oil and grease cannot end up on your terrace or floor.

The benefits of the Fierta® BBQ mat

  • Absorbs grease and oil
  • Liquid impermeable layer
  • Heavy rubber anti-slip layer prevents against slippage
  • Comfortable, safe and cost-effective
  • Your terrace or floor is protected and will last longer
  • Our mats are suitable for any terrace
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly solution = made of recycled materials
  • Easy to store = can be rolled up
  • Available in a variety of nice designs
  • Can easily be trimmed if the dimensions do not fit

Can be personalised if bought in large quantities. Please contact us for more information.

We are always on the lookout for distributors. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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Made in Belgium

Fierta sports the label "Made in Belgium" and, naturally, we are proud of it. Fierta designs and manufactures products destined for daily use in the home, at the office and in the garden...

SPOGA 2014

End of August 2014 Fierta will be present for the first time in Europe's largest garden fair, SPOGA Cologne. 

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